Sep 26, 2016


“See, this is the part, on my scale of normal, where we tell each other how amazing we were. You especially tell me.”

“Because a man’s ego is often correlated with his sexual prowess.”
“That’s one way of putting it. Things like you saw God or the earth moved are clichés for a reason.”
“The earth is in constant motion, so it’s not a good compliment. A better one would be the earth stopped moving, even though that would be
impossible, and a disaster if it were possible.”
“I’ll still take it as a compliment.”

The Witness


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Having sex increases spirituality and 'makes people more likely to believe in God'

Middle-aged men report greater levels of spirituality after exposure to the hormone oxytocin


She heard music. Angels singing? she thought, dizzy. 
It seemed odd for angels to sing after table sex.

She managed to swallow on a throat wildly dry.
“Music,” she murmured.
“My phone. In my pants. Don’t care.”
“Oh. Not angels.”
“No. Def Leppard.”

The Search

Sep 20, 2016

Mentions in Nora Books

Enjoying herself, Cat rehearsed in the empty lounge for an audience of one. Daniel had taken to sitting at one of the tables whenever the lounge was closed, and commenting and kibitzing on her song list.
"That means you can't have some variety?" He glowered at her from under snowy white eyebrows. "Why, there's some Scottish tunes that will rip a man's heart out of his chest while it's still beating. With that voice of yours, any man with the blood of the Scots in him would fall in love with you."

MacGregor Grooms - Duncan


Loch Lomond - Peter Hollens


Taking her cue, Cat stepped into the key light. "Daniel MacGregor? I have something for you."
"Well, what are you doing skulking around then? Come over here and give it to me."
"It comes from here. And from here," she added, touching a hand to her heart.
She sang for him, the old Scottish ballad "Loch Loman." Because she kept her eyes on him, she saw his begin to swim. And felt her own sting in response.

MacGregor Grooms - Duncan

Sep 16, 2016

The Surprising Ritual That Will Give Your Home Positive Vibes

Driving nearly twenty miles up the coast to buy the smudge stick had added onto her already crowded day, 
but when she took it out of her bag it felt like a positive action.
She’d burn the sage, cleanse her house. If she felt her house was cleansed, it was cleansed.

Whiskey Beach


By Paloma Cervantes (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 
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I can’t pinpoint when sage smudging first piqued my interest. It might have been the time I spotted sage bundles in Jenni Kayne’s chic Southampton, New York, store. Maybe it was when my friend—who works for a renowned high-end interior designer—told me they sage smudged their clients’ homes after each install. Or maybe it was the time I read about it in Vogue. If all these hip and fabulous people were doing it, why wasn’t I in with the It crowd? One thing’s for sure: Over the last year or so, sage smudging has transitioned from an alternative practice into a mainstream ritual beloved by the fashion crowds, interior designers, and celebrities alike.


But for now she did her best to clear her mind, to think only clean, positive thoughts as she lit the sage, held it over an abalone shell for safety and blew out the flame to encourage the smoke. Her home, she thought. The floors, the ceilings, the corners belonged to her.
The process, walking from room to room with the scent of white sage and lavender, calmed her, as did reminding herself what she’d made there, for herself, for others.
Faith, she thought, hope, and the symbols of them forged strength.

Whiskey Beach

Sep 9, 2016

Things we wish we’d known before moving to the country

Staring up at the ceiling, she listened to the quiet. 
At times like this, it struck her how alone she was. 
There were no servants sleeping downstairs, as there had been all her life. 
Her closest neighbor was perhaps a quarter of a mile away through the woods. 
No all-night clubs or drugstores, she mused.

Night Moves 


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Dreaming of a rural idyll? Make sure you’re well prepared…


“Best to wear boots around here next time.”
“Yes.” Nonplussed, Kelsey looked down at her soft Italian flats. “You’re right.”

True Betrayals