Dec 12, 2017

The world's ultimate snowmen

“Mom and I are going to build a snowman. She says Christmas snowmen are the best. You can help.”

Home for Christmas


The internet has curated some of the most creative ideas when it comes to ice figures with wow-factor


“We need carrots and scarves and stuff.” 
“I’ll take care of it.” 
With a grin Clara gulped down chocolate. 
“And hats?” 
“And hats.” 
A snowball hit the kitchen window. Clara was up like a shot. 
“There she is. Gotta go. Come soon, Mom. You make the best.”

Home for Christmas 

Dec 11, 2017

It's Soup and Stew Time

Then settle down with her leftover soup and read the evening away.
For her, it encompassed a perfect weekend.
“I think action/adventure with a comedy to follow,” she said to Bert as she
gave the soup another stir. “And wine. The chief of police was right. It’s a very
nice one.”

The Witness


25+ Hearty Soups and Stews to Make This Winter


He followed her, and the cooking smells, back to the kitchen.
“It’s a good night for soup and a fire,” he commented, hoping he’d get a share
of both. “We may get a little frost tonight.”

The Witness

Dec 10, 2017

Driving Home For Christmas

What ten years hadn’t changed was what was inside.
He was still looking for roots, for his place.
That was why he was heading back to Quiet Valley.
The road still twisted and turned through the woods, up the mountains and down again, as it had when he’d headed in the opposite direction on a Greyhound. Snow covered the ground,smooth here, bumpy there where it was heaped over rocks. In the sunlight, trees shimmered with it. 
Had he missed it?
He’d spent one winter in snow up to his waist in the Andes. He’d spent another sweltering in Africa. The years ran together, but oddly enough, Jason could remember every place he’d spent Christmas over the last ten years, though he’d never celebrated the holiday. The road narrowed and swept into a wide curve. He could see the mountains, covered with pines and dusted with white. 
Yes, he’d missed it.

Home for Christmas


Driving in my car
I'm driving home for Christmas
Driving home for Christmas
With a thousand memories

I take look at the driver next to me
He's just the same
Just the same

Dec 8, 2017

“It’s the story that matters.”

Dear husband isn't (fully) into Midnight Bayou... yet... he says I sent him from Laura (Templeton), whom he seems to have a crush on, to the middle of the jungle... no idea why he says this... I'll have to reread MB to learn what he's talking about.

Midnight Bayou's a book in the maybe-some-day-when-I-grow-up-shelf for years. I couldn't go beyond the first pages. Too intense for me. So I put it aside;  besides at the time I still had dozens of Nora books to go through. One day I put my grown-up-and-face-the-life's pants and in two days I read it. And Loved it. 

I was a bit afraid to give it to my husband, bearing in mind my own reaction to the first read of it. But I'm running out of Portuguese versions of Nora Novels and it was  either Midnight Bayou or Homeport. 

I'm planning to give him books on Christmas. 

I'm thinking of Key trilogy which I still don't have in Portuguese. 

Win win situation:  a Christmas Gift that he'll really like and enjoy and my collection keeps growing.

Dec 7, 2017

“Can you show me another trick?”

 Luke tore the paper in two and had the pleasure of seeing Nate’s eyes widen.
 “It disappeared! The pen’s been disappeared.”
 “Absolutely.” Unable to resist the flourish, Luke held up his hands, turning them,
 back to front and back again. His son’s bug-eyed belief made him feel like a king. 

Honest Illusions


You might think that having the multitalented Neil Patrick Harris as a dad means constant entertainment. He acts! He sings! He does magic!
But Harris revealed Monday in a Build Series NYC interview that he only puts on his magician’s hat — so to speak — for Harper and Gideon, the 7-year-old twins he shares with husband David Burtka, “here and there.” It’s certainly not a constant magic show or anything.

Dec 6, 2017

"Put the ring on Alex, before it strikes twelve."

"That is heritage." And she could accept it. "We’re so different," she said, half to herself. 
"You speak of heritage and you mean centuries of responsibility and tradition. 
When I think of it, I think of my father’s business and the headache someone’s going to be saddled with one day. Or I think of my mother’s Faberge bowl. 
Heritage for me, and I suppose for most Americans, is tangible. 
You can hold it in your hand. 
For you it’s more nebulous, but a hundred times more binding." 
For several moments he said nothing. 
She couldn’t know how deeply her words, her empathy had affected him.

Command Performance


By Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (eBay front back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

American Women Who Became Princesses

Meghan Markle is the latest in a long line of American girls
who've captivated a foreign royal.



Looking down, she saw the ring glow against her finger. A promise. A lifetime.
"I love you, and nothing's ever been more true." 
"Share my home." He caught her ring hand in his and pressed his lips to the palm. 
"And my family." She twined her fingers with his. "Yes." 
"And my duty."
"From this moment." She wrapped her arms around him.

The Playboy Prince